On my blog you can find different articles on how to improve your search engine rankings, how to get more traffic, how to build better backlinks… and lots of other stuff that is related to SEO.

Over time, I also developed various SEO software tools and you can download some of them for free from my Free SEO Tools page.

You can also find various product reviews on my blog. I only do reviews on products I use myself and all those tools, products and services either help me to save time and to achieve certain results with less effort or they taught me interesting SEO strategies and techniques that allowed me to make the process of SEO for my different websites more effective and successful.

However, I also want you to know that there is no so-called magic pill that allows you to make lots of money from little effort. Different tools and services may help you to save time and to increase your productivity, but they won’t allow you to miraculously make millions with little effort.

Especially if you are new to Internet marketing, avoid getting lost in the vast sea of new products and services that may be promoted to you each and every day.

Truth is, at the beginning you don’t really need that much: Just a hosting account, maybe an autoresponder… Pick only one marketing strategy at the beginning, perfect it and learn as much as you can about it, maybe get one or two tools that allow you to automate certain things.

Once you start making some money, you can invest in other tools and services ans also start thinking about outsourcing some of your work tasks.


To have fun and make money online, I recommend:


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I wish you all the best with your SEO.