Here Is A Very Simple Article Submission Script

You can download my free article submission script from the Free SEO Tools page on my blog. The software is called Auto Browser and it is actually not a “pure” article submission tool, but you can use it to speed up your article submission, social bookmarking… and many other marketing tasks.

When I got started with Internet marketing, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on article submission software, social bookmarking tools, automated directory submitters… so I developed this very simple article submission script.

Please don’t expect too much, this is really a very simple tool and it is actually far from being a powerful article submitter. On the other hand, the software is free, it can be used for various different tasks and it definitely will allow you to save some time.
Here is a screenshot of the software:

article submission script



Now, let’s have a look how this article submission script actually works:

  • After downloading the software, double click on the .msi file to install the article submission tool and start it.
  • Now you can create various lists. For example: ArticleSubmission, Social Bookmarking, YouTube Marketing Videos…
  • Type the name of your list into the textbox labeled as “List Name”, provide a list of your preferred article directories in the big textfield and click the Add/Save button.
  • You can create as many different lists as you want. Simply choose the list you want to work with from the combobox on the top left.
  • Now, click the “Next” button or the “Open All” button  to automatically open the urls from your list in a browser window.
  • Download the free version of RoboForm together with the Firefox plugin
  • Setup a profile. For example: Article Submission and create some custom fields like: keywords, article title, article summary, about author, article text…
  • For some of the parameters you will also need some ” Other Match Strings” in your RoboForm profile. For example: For the parameter ” article summary” you may also need to provide the following strings: description, abstract, summary…
  • The very first time, when you set this up, it takes a bit of time, but once you are done it is really easy and fast to use this system.
  • Most article directories use the same names for the different submission parameters.
  • Do the following to find the parameter name for a specific field: On the article submission page of a specific article directory, do a right click with your mouse and select “view source”. In the source code, navigate to the text field in question (search for a specific string near the textbox) and look up the name in the source code.
  • Now, simply go from browser window to browser window (from one article directory to the next…), click the article submission profile button on the RoboForm toolbar and submit your article to all directories in a few minutes.


To make all this a bit clearer, please watch the short video below that explains step by step how to use this article submission script:



Some of the powerful article submission software tools like Article Marketing Robot allow you to submit to hundreds of directories. But honestly, I don’t think it is really necessary to submit your article to tons of different directories. Just go with the top 10 or the top 20 article directories and you should be fine.

I recommend you use at least the following directories with my article submission tool:


You can find many more article directories on Google. I hope, this article submission script allows you to save some time and to speed up your article marketing.

Click here to download this free article submission tool together with some other SEO tools and SEO guides.

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