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Auto Blog Samurai is a product with huge potential, but it also has some serious flaws. The Auto Blog Samurai software package allows you to create fully functional, search engine optimized blogs for any niche you can imagine – with the click of a few buttons and in less than 10 minutes. Also, your blogs will be updated on a daily basis with new and unique content.

In other words, once a blog is setup, there is no need to invest any more time and effort to maintain it and to provide new, traffic generating content on a regular basis – that’s all handled by the Auto Blog Samurai software package behind the scenes.

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Let’s have a closer look at Auto Blog Samurai:

Unique content – not just plain old RSS and product feeds…

auto blog samurai reviewWhat impressed me most about Auto Blog Samurai is it’s capability to provide unique content for your blogs – on a daily basis. We all know, there are tons of plugins and software package that allow you to update your blog with articles from other sites via RSS, with Amazon product feeds, YouTube videos…
The problem with that kind of content is that it is not unique and this will hurt your blog in the long run – the search engines hate duplicate content and they will penalize your blogs if you only use that sort of content.

Auto Blog Samurai also allows you to update your blogs with the same type of content (I recommend you use this only on a very limited basis). But – and that’s really HUGE – you also have the possibility to update your blogs with completely unique content. I don’t know any other Auto Bogging software that is capable of doing something similar.


An amazing new way to make money online…

And here is what I think is probably the biggest money making feature of Auto Blog Samurai: The software allows you to create blogs and to provide unique content in 21 different languages! That’s something absolutely amazing and it took me a while to really figure out the huge money making potential of this feature.

Initially I created all my blogs in English and it worked fine. Sure, traffic wasn’t enormous with those simple blog sites, but each of my blogs had some AdSense clicks, every now and then an affiliate sale, some income from CPA offers… it all added up to a nice, extra income stream.

Then one day I decided – just for the fun – to create a few blogs in foreign languages.
And I realized a few very remarkable things:


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It is all about speed…

As I already mentioned, Auto Blog Samurai allows you to build a complete search engine optimized blog that’s automatically updated on a daily basis in less than 10 minutes. Also, Auto Blog Samurai allows you to create those blogs on Blogspot (the free Google blogging platform) – that way you don’t even need to buy a domain name. Can you imagine how many different blogs you can create that way in 1 month?

That’s really important, because most of those blogs will only generate a very small daily income. Some of those Auto Blog Samurai blogs don’t make me any money, most of them make me ~$1 per day and only a few of my top blogs earn me $3-$4 per day.

In other words, you need to build a lot of those simple blogs to generate a substantial income flow. And that’s why you need a way to create them really fast and that’s exactly what Auto Blog Samurai allows you to do.

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What are the shortcomings of Auto Blog Samurai?

Yes, the software also has its weaknesses. Don’t expect Auto Blog Samurai to generate high quality articles for you. You get unique content, but there will be flaws – mostly grammatical mistakes. On the other hand, this doesn’t really matter that much – all we want is to get as many people as possible to our sites and to have them click our ads.

Also, Auto Blog Samurai is not some sort of no-effort required money making wizard. Some of the reviews out there mention that you can make up to $100/day with one single Auto Blog Samurai blog. Honestly, I never even got close to that figure. I think my very best Auto Blog Samurai blog earned me ~$5/day. On top of that, this was a blog where I put in some extra time to build backlinks from various different sources.

So, to make this work, a minimum amount of effort will be required and ideally you should also build a few basic backlinks to your blogs (Auto Blog Samurai won’t handle that for you) to optimize your earnings potential.

All in all, I think those shortcomings are really minor compared to all the amazing features and functionalities provided by Auto Blog Samurai. This is probably the most powerful tool in my make money online toolbox and if I would be allowed to keep only one of my software tools it would surely be Auto Blog Samurai.

I highly recommend Auto Blog Samurai – for expert marketers as well as for newbies.


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