A Simple Trick To Avoid The Google Sandbox

google sandboxIn my last blog post I provided you with some information about the Google sandbox and what actually triggers the Google sandboxing effect.

Today I would like to give you some great tips on how you can prevent your new sites from getting sandboxed. Unfortunately, as it seems there is no way to get out of the Google sandbox quicker than the usual 4-8 months period once you are in it, but there is a way to avoid the sandbox altogether.



What can you do to avoid the Google sandbox?

…the simple trick to avoid the Google sandbox is to buy an aged domain with already established trust rank. A brand new domain doesn’t have any trust rank and it doesn’t have any history.

So, Google typically says: “Ok, let’s put this new site into the sandbox. We’ll watch it for a few months and if it behaves – if it provides great content, if it shows a natural linking pattern… we will allow it to rank normally.”

In the past it often happened that newly launched sites made it quickly into the top 5 on Googl’s SERP’s. But, many of those sites got there because they used various black-hat SEO techniques and they didn’t provide any value for the reader. And one day, Google probably said: “Ok, we no longer want to take that risk. From now on, the majority of newly launched sites go straight into the sandbox and they won’t be able to rank highly for the first 4-8 months.”

Back to our “avoid the sandbox” strategy. So, again, the answer is to buy an aged domain. But don’t just buy any aged domain, there are various criteria you have to look out for before buying such a domain.


Here is what you should watch out for:


Where can you buy aged domains?

Just do a search on Google – there are probably hundreds of places where you can buy expired domains. Popular places are:


Now, if you can’t find a domain name that suits your business needs, just buy a brand-new domain (one that reflects your business needs) and do a permanent 301 redirect to it from your aged domain.



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Google Sandbox

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