How To Prevent Your Blog Comments From Getting Blocked By Akismet

akismet blacklistBlog commenting is an important part of my overall link building strategy. Usually, when I launch a new site, one of the first things I do is to create 15-20 blog comments on different niche blogs, then I start building links from various other sources and then I build at least 5-10 more backlinks per week commenting on different blogs.

Normally, when you post a new comment, it is displayed immediately with the mention: “your comment is waiting for moderation”. Recently, I wanted to build some blog comment backlinks for a site I just launched, but the mention “your comment is waiting…” wasn’t displayed on any of the blogs.

To see what’s going on, I commented on some of my own blogs and I realized that all the comments went straight into the spam folder. I tried to change the email address, the comment… but the comment passed only if I changed the url.

I don’t really know what happened, but for whatever reason, Akismet apparently has flagged this url as spam.


Here is what I did to get this url out of the Akismet spam filter.

I went to: and selected the option “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake” and I wrote a short message explaining my problem and I asked for my url to be deleted from the Akismet spam filter database.

Here is more or less the message I sent:


Hello Akismet Support Team,

It seems like there is a problem with my website: . Every time I comment on a wordpress blog that uses akismet my comments are wrongly flagged as spam.

Here are some of the blogs I regularly comment on:

Blog 1

Blog 2…

Could you please verify if my website has been blacklisted by Akismet? I hope you can help me to get this problem sorted out.

Thank you very much.


After sending this message I thought this will surely take a few weeks to get solved, but to my big surprise, only about 4 hours later I received the following message from Akismet:


Sorry for the problem.  I believe it is fixed now.


I immediately verified on one of my own blogs and this time, the comment went through.

So, if you are having a similar problem and if your blog comments get caught by the Akismet spam filter, just follow the simple steps mentioned above and hopefully you should be able to comment again on other blogs within a few hours.



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