FastAttackSEO – Complete Review of Fast Attack SEO

Fast Attack SEO is an Internet marketing course that provides a complete blueprint on how to successfully build and optimize niche websites.

Craig Mako (the author of FastAttackSEO) details the entire process and treats the following subjects in his course:


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fastattackseoLike any other product, Fast Attack SEO has strengths and weaknesses. The course only briefly discusses basic subjects like: Choosing the right domain, installing wordpress…  So, FastAttackSEO may not be the ideal product for the complete newbie who never even registered a domain name.

On the other hand, the course provides some absolutely top-notch ideas and information in the Off-Page Optimization (link building) chapter as well as in some of the other chapters.

Without exaggerating, I’ve never seen any product that provides so much high quality information, tips, ideas and resources on building those kinds of backlinks that allow you to get top 3 rankings on Google – even for relatively competitive keywords.


Fast Attack SEO provides lots of fantastic tips, ideas and creative approaches on how to build quick and easy low-quality backlinks as well as high quality links that require a bit more effort and time.

Also, FastAttackSEO is not one of those: “spend 10 minutes a day building some cheesy links and outrank your competition” product. If you want to succeed, get top rankings and make some money with your website, you need to take action. So, Fast Attack SEO is not for the lazy bum!

The strategies and technique outlined in the course are not complicated, but they require some time and effort.  On the other hand, FastAttack SEO provides you with tons of unique approaches on how to properly optimize a website and if you are willing to take action on what you learn – I guarantee, you will succeed with this product.

Sure, Fast Attack SEO won’t suit everybody’s needs, but if you are having troubles getting high rankings on Google and other major search engines, I highly recommend you take a look at this course.

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All sections of the course provide valuable information, but as I already mentioned, I have been absolutely blown away by the link building chapter – there are tips, resources, ideas… you won’t find anywhere else.

FastAttackSEO currently costs $9 and you get access to the main course manual and the backlinking master guide.

In my opinion, $9 for such a high quality product is an absolute steal and if you are serious about SEO, I highly recommend you give it a try. Anyway, the product is backed by a 100% no questions asked, lifetime money-back guarantee – in other words, if you don’t like FastAttackSEO, simply ask for your money back.

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