Free Google Autocomplete Search Tool – User Instructions

My new Google Autocomplete  software tool is finally ready and you can download it from my Free SEO Tools library.

Click here to check out my Google Autocomplete  Tool


Here is a screenshot of the Google Autocomplete Software tool:

google autocomplete


The tool is really easy to use. Here is how the Google Autocomplete Software works:


There is also a checkbox labeled “Double Search Iteration” – when you tick this box, the tool iterates over all the letters of the alphabet (as well as the numbers 1-9) twice.

In other words, the following searches are performed (we assume, kw is the root keyword you enteres): kw a, kw b, kw c… kw aa, kw ab, kw ac… kw ba, kw bb, kw bc… – in total, you get over 1300 search iterations and something like 1000 – 6000 new keywords (depending on the root keyword).

Also, Google will block you after about 1200 searches for 10-30 minutes. If that happens, the tool will check every 10 minutes if the block has been lifted and then just continue. So, if you have a large list of search terms and if you want to use the double iteration option, this will take quite a while. In that case, I suggest you just let the tool run over night or you let it run in the background while you do some other stuff.


The short video below explains how to use the Google Autocomplete  tool:


Feel free to download my Google Suggest tool from my free SEO Tools page – click here.


Also, I’d love to know what you think about the Google Autocomplete software tool. Are there additional functionalities you’d like to be implemented, what could be improved…? Please leave a comment below.


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