How To Get More Traffic To Your Website – A Simple 5 Minute Strategy

Today I would like to share a really cool strategy with you on how to get more traffic to your website. The strategy takes about 5-10 minutes to implement and is very likely to convert into sales.

When I first heard about this technique, I thought: “That’s an old hat – I already tried this 10 years ago and it doesn’t really help to get more traffic to your website!” And I’m almost sure you will think the same, but please keep on reading.

So, without further delay: The traffic strategy I wanted to share with you is about forum posting.

Disappointed? I would not blame you. Can you really get more traffic to your website by posting on forums? But, it is not just about forum posting (we all tried this and we all know it doesn’t really work very well), it’s about doing forum posting with a twist.

I tried this technique and it actually works very well (if done properly). It allowed me to get quite a bit of traffic to my website and to generate a few product sales with less than 10 minutes of work.


Ok, I will quickly lay out the strategy for you and then we’ll look at the details:


And that’s all! Now, to make this work there are a few important things you need to get right:


Here is an example post on the Warrior Forum that used this strategy and – it got hundreds of visitors within a few days and generated several sales:


This should give you an idea about the kind of quality that should be provided to make this work and to get more traffic to your website. I also like the headline and the signature of the post. And last but not least, you can also learn some interesting things from the post itself.

If you are a blogger or if you write articles on a regular basis, this strategy is really great – you simply re-purpose your already existing articles and in most cases you will get a few sales with less than 5-10 minutes of work.

On the other hand, if you are not used to writing articles or (good) blog posts on a regular basis, this strategy probably won’t bee all too appealing to you.

By the way, all credit for this really cool traffic strategy goes to Michael Young, the creator of “The Ultimate Free Traffic System” – a explains and demonstrates 12 different free traffic strategies. 

If you are interested in the other 11 traffic strategies, you can check out Michael’s below:

Click here for all the details about “The Ultimate Free Traffic System”


I hope you enjoyed learning about this simple strategy and I’m sure it will allow you to not only get more traffic to your website, but also to generate some sales.



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