A Simple SEO Cheat Sheet For Getting Tons Of Google Page 1 Rankings – The Quick And Easy Way

rank on googleMost Internet marketers think that SEO is extremely complicated. The truth however is that it isn’t that complicated at all; actually it is relatively simple, but it takes some patience and persistence to get a top ranking on Google – especially if you want to rank a competitive keyword.

Here are some hot ranking tips. Follow the guidelines below and I promise your sites and pages will do great on Google and on all other search engines.

As you probably already know, you need to get your on-page factors right and you need to take care of various off-page factors. 

On-page optimization is relatively simple and it doesn’t require much time – but you still need to get it right in order to rank in the top spots.


Here is a very quick overview of the most important off-page factors:

That’s pretty much all you need and just forget about all those other dirty tricks that promise magic ranking results from various WordPress plugins. If you want to make your life a bit easier, use the free Yoast WordPress plugin, but I don’t recommend you spend any money on other on-page plugins.
The video below provides some additional information on on-page ranking factors:


Now to our off-page ranking factors. Those are a bit more complicated and they will require much more effort.

Off-page is all about building backlinks and getting exposure and votes from various social media sites:

Whatever you do, ask yourself if this looks natural or if the search engines will recognize a pattern. For example: only article and social bookmarking links, 5000 new backlinks once a month, the exact same anchor text for all your backlinks… you get the idea.

This is not necessarily easy, but it is definitely not complicated and everyone can do it. Follow those simple guidelines and I promise your SEO will rock!

If you are on a tight budget, pick a niche with low competition and do all the work yourself. Once you start making money, I recommend you start outsourcing certain tasks and maybe get some automation tools.

On Fiverr you can get articles for $5 and there is also oDesk, elance and others. For link building automation, there are lots of different tools and I recommend you take your time and do your due diligence.

My personal preference is Magic Submitter. This tool is immensely powerful. It allows you to get backlinks from many different sources and what I like best about this tool is that it allows you to automatically build a certain number of links (from different sources) day after day.

It doesn’t just build 1000 backlinks at once, but for example 5 article backlinks, 6 social bookmarks, 4 backlinks from blogs… (whatever you configure) day after day after day.

But careful, this tool requires a certain learning curve and if you are interested to give it a try, I highly recommend you take 2-3 days to really learn all the features and functionalities provided by the tool.

Magic Submitter costs $5 for the first month and after the first month you pay $67/month. Wow, that sounds expensive! But it’s not, because Magic Submitter is one of the very few tools on the market that actually make you money: You can take on more offline clients, you can rank more niche sites, you can optimize more affiliate reviews…


You could do the following:

Click here for some demo videos and a detailed description of Magic Submitter


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