Google Sniper 2 Review – Google Sniper Strengths & Weaknesses

What is Google Sniper 2.0?

Google Sniper is a step-by-step Internet marketing course that teaches all the aspects of building successful micro-niche sites. The course teaches you everything from registering the right domain name to successfully monetizing your site.

For all the details, please click here to check out the official Goggle Sniper 2.0 homepage.


google sniper 2The product focuses primarily on building so-called sniper or micro-niche sites with a minimum amount of effort and maximum profitability. The blueprint provided with Google Sniper 2 allows you to build a complete sniper site in only 4-5 hours. And this includes everything from setting up your blog site, installing and configuring various SEO plugins, doing the keyword research, writing the content, on-page optimization, basic link building…. and monetizing your site.

Building your first site(s) will probably take a bit longer, but once you built 2-3 sites, creating a complete sniper site won’t take more than 4-6 hours. The average sniper site makes me about $150-$200 per month. However, there are also sites that make me over $800 per month and others don’t bring in any money at all.

So, the idea is to spend 4-6 hours per site and to make $150-$200 per month for several years to come. Sounds simple, no?

But careful, it’s not as simple as certain product reviews make it look like. Here is something very important: In order to make money online, you need to take action (and even massive action). This doesn’t necessarily mean lots of hard work. No, because if you love what you do it’s more like a game and you will have lots of fun.

I’m a full time Internet marketer for several years already and I can assure you one thing with 100% certainty: There is no magic strategy or tool that allows you to make money on the Internet (not even small amounts of money!) without putting in a minimum amount of effort and without taking action.


Ok, back to our Google Sniper 2.0 review. The course is packed with lots of fantastic information, but this also means, you will have to overcome a certain learning curve – especially if you are a newbie.

Also, your very first sites may not be super successful. I already built well over 50 sniper sites, but still every now and then some of my new sites just don’t make any money – they either don’t rank in Google or no one wants to buy the product I’m promoting. But that’s not a huge tragedy, because building a complete sniper site only takes me ~5 hours, so I just move on and build other sites on different keywords.


What are the strengths of Google Sniper 2.0?


Here is the link to the official Google Sniper 2.0 website


What are the weaknesses of Google Sniper 2.0?

No product is 100% perfect and Google Sniper also has its weaknesses.

The product contains some pretty good information in the keyword research chapter – I especially like the section on LSI keywords and buyer keywords. However, I think the keyword competition analysis is a bit weak.

For example, George Brown (the author of Google Sniper) mentions that when you type a specific keyword phrase in quotes into the Google search field, it shouldn’t return more than ~13000 competing websites.

I have websites that focus on keywords with over 200000 Google search results and that were relatively easy to get into Google’s top 5; On the other hand, I have also keywords with less than 15000 search results that were rather difficult to get into Google’s top 10.

I usually use the following query: intitle: “keyword phrase” inurl: “keyword phrase” and I pick only keywords with less than 10000 competing websites. This works pretty well for me and most of my sniper sites get into Google’s top 5 within 3-15 weeks (depends on niche, keyword, competitors…) with a site creation effort of typically less than 6 hour.


Apart from this little weakness I think Google Sniper 2 is a fantastic product for the serious marketer who is willing to follow this step-by-step guide from the beginning to the end and to take action.

I use many of the Google Sniper strategies on a daily basis, they allowed me to substantially increase my online income over time (especially the sales conversion tactics) and I highly recommend George Brown’s Google Sniper 2.0

Click here to check out Google Sniper 2.0


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