How To Find A Profitable Niche

How To Find A Profitable NicheIn today’s blog post I would like to provide you with some ideas on how to find a profitable niche. The problem isn’t really how to find a niche, because there are probably hundred thousands of niches to chose from. No, the difficulty lies more in finding a profitable niche that is not all too competitive and still gets a sufficient amount of searches on Google and other major search engines.

The first question you should ask yourself is: “What do people actually want?” People spend money on things they want. There are lots of things people may be interested in, but they won’t necessarily spend any money on them. They may do some research on the Internet, read a few articles… and then they move on.

There are niches that will allow you to generate thousand of visitors per month relatively easy, but you won’t make any money on them. And there are also niches that will allow you to generate a nice stream of income from only a few hundred monthly visitors.

So, again, the key to making money is to find profitable niches, niches and markets where people are spending money.

A simple way to identify those niches is to verify what people are already buying. And there are various websites that easily allow you to do that.


Check out the following websites:


Those sites allow you to identify the niches, markets and products for which people are spending money for. Now you can pick a specific market and create a fully blown niche site that sells various affiliate products in that market.

Or, you could also pick a single product from Amazon, Ebay… and promote it on a Squidoo lens. This works quite well for products that are not all too competitive and you can make some money fairly easy (with 2-3 hours) for product titles that get only a few hundred searches per month.

You can also check out one of my previous blog posts: Finding Low Competition Keywords for some great ideas on how to find profitable keywords with low competition.

Another great tip for finding profitable markets is to look for problem related niches. These are niches where people are looking for an answer to their burning questions and for solutions to their problems.


Here are some great sites you can use to find those kinds of niches:


Look for questions that are being asked by a large number of people, create a simple website on that topic and promote an affiliate product that helps your audience to solve their problems. You could also create a simple report of 10-15 pages and sell it for $17 or for whatever you think it may be worth – this shouldn’t take more than a few hours, yet can be very profitable.


Another great way to identify high demand problem/solution niches is to use

Type the following into the Google search box: “viewed 4000..199999” “Submitted On: * *, 2011” “How To”


This returns all “How To…” articles from that were submitted in 2011 and have at least 4000 views. You can replace “How To” with something else if you want and you can also modify some of the other parameters, such as the year or the minimum views.

This provides you with a list of articles(and niche topics) that are currently searched for and viewed by a large number of people. Again, pick a promising niche, do some keyword competition research, create a simple website and promote your affiliate products.


If you want to learn more on how to find profitable niches and how to identify highly profitable keywords with low competition, I also recommend you take a look at Sean Donnahoe’s Keyword Diamond Mine.

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