How To Build A Simple Niche Site That Makes Over $1 Million In Only 18 Months!

build a real businessI just came across a really interesting video on YouTube that explains how Vishen Lakhiani build a relatively simple niche site using a WordPress blog that made over $1 Million in only 18 months and I thought I absolutely have to share this with you.


The video is about 15 minutes and I highly recommend you watch it. Here is the YouTube link:


Most interesting, the concepts and strategies used to make this site so hugely successful are nothing extraordinary or sophisticated – just plain simple things that already worked 100 years ago and will still be working 100 years from now: 


The fundament for the huge success was based on the following 2 things:


Yes, and that’s it more or less! – Surprised? Keep on reading…


Vishen created the niche site back in 2009 and he did the following to minimize his efforts:

He researched great information on the subject: From other sites newsletters… Then he just wrote a short intro (2-3 sentences) and then he pasted the original article underneath.

Now, that’s something that wouldn’t work anymore nowadays, as Google will penalize your site if there is too much duplicate content. So, if you want to apply this strategy, make sure to come up with unique content.

I was curious, so I did a search on Google and I found that the site still ranks in the top 3 for quite a few top keywords – although, the site apparently hasn’t been touched for quite some time.

In the video, Vishen also mentions, that basically nothing happened for the first 6 months and then suddenly numerous pages started ranking in Google and floods of traffic came in.

The site got a signup rate of over 30% with a very simple signup form on the top right and currently has over 107,000 subscribers. This really shocked me and honestly, I’m not sure if this can be true – getting over 100,000 subscribers in the “Remote Viewing” niche with free traffic only, no media buys, no solo ads… I don’t know if that’s possible?

Then, Vishen contacted the best guys in the Remote Viewing niche with top products and asked them to do interviews and webinars with a high ticket product recommendation at the end ($200 – $500)


And because Vishen had built such a strong and trusting relationship, many of his subscribers ordered those high ticket products:


Most people who want to make money online are running around like headless chickens, trying out on secret money strategy after another without ever getting anywhere, when actually it can be so simple!

I highly recommend: Take those simple ideas and use them as the fundament for your own business. But be patient, building a lasting fundament takes some time and you probably won’t see much income for 6-10 months.


Focusing on building a strong relationship with your audience  leads to many other great things:


Take those lessons and start building a real business that will make you rich and free in the long run. If you can’t wait 10 months to start making some money, at least put away a few hours a week and get started now.


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