How To Get Tons Of Edu Backlinks Really Fast

We all know, quality backlinks are still hugely important to get top rankings in Google – unfortunately it is either very time consuming or expensive to get those high-value backlinks…

…Unless you have the right strategy! Here is a great tip that will allow you to find a large number of .edu and .gov backlink opportunities for any niche and within seconds.

How? Simply use the “powers” of Google – it’s free and almost effortless.

Let’s assume you have a website about cat care and you want to find some quality .edu backlinks to improve your rankings – without spending hours searching around and without paying anything.

Go to Google and use a search query like the following: inurl:blog “cats” -“posting closed” -“comments closed” “post a comment”

Let’s have a closer look at the query:

To find even more backlinks, you can modify the various phrases. For example, you could replace “post a comment” with “recent comments” or “leave a reply”…
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