How To Get Indexed By Google Almost Immediately

get indexed by google quicklyI recently discovered a very simple way on how to get indexed by Google almost immediately. A few days ago I installed a plugin called: “Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share” on my SimpleSEOStuff blog. I created a short blog post and clicked the Google +1 button of this plugin.

Immediately afterwards, just out of curiosity I copy/pasted the title of the blog post into the Google search field and the blog post showed up in position #1.

I could hardly believe that Google indexed my new blog post so quickly. First I though, my post shows up in Google search because I’m logged into my Google account. So, I logged out and searched again – still, my brand new blog post showed up in position #1.

Now, I didn’t search for a specific keyword in Google. I just wanted to know if the page was indexed, so copied the entire title in quotes into the Google search form – this explains why my post showed up in position #1.

I have no idea if this also works on a brand new site, but I will surely test it when I launch my next niche site. On the other hand, this SimpleSEOStuff site is still relatively fresh. I registered the domain a bit over 8 months ago and I started working on it (1-2 blog posts per week) about 3 months ago.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress plugins site at:


You will need a Google account in order to use it. Just click the +1 button whenever you upload a new blog post. I also have the impression you get a slight ranking advantage using Google +1.

Many of my blog posts that are optimized for low competition keywords show up immediately in the Google top 10 when I search for the specific keyword without quotes. This seems definitely to be the easiest and quickest way to get indexed by Google.


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