How To Reserve A Domain Name And What Are The Best Places To Buy Domain Names

reserve domain namesInternet marketing newbies sometimes ask how to reserve a domain name and they also frequently want to know what are the best place to buy domain names.

It is actually very easy to reserve a domain name. Just go to your favorite domain name registrar – I use most of the time, type your desired domain name into the search box, select the domain extension you want (.com, .org…) and click the “Search” button.

If the domain name is available, click the “Add to Cart” button (or any similar button), select the duration for how long you want to register the domain name (typically 1 – 10 years), click the “Buy” or “Checkout” button and pay for your domain name reservation with PayPal, credit card…

The cost for a 1 year registration of a .com, .net or .org domain is typically something around $10. Other domain types can be cheaper or more expensive.

Now you know how to reserve a domain name. I know, it can be a bit intimidating for someone completely new to the Internet, but it is really simple and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

The other question is, what are actually the best place to buy domain names?

I personally think, there is not a single best place to buy a domain name. There are tons of domain name registrars on the market, the majority of them is probably quite ok, but there are also some black sheeps that are either overly expensive or that can cause other sorts of troubles.


Simple rules for reserving a new domain name:


I buy my domains at the following places and I can recommend both of them: – domain names are cheap and they have a great management console to administrate all your domain names – that is especially important if you have lots of those mini sites. – I use this site mainly when I’m looking for cheap aged domains with existing link authority and Google PR. Here you can find 2 year+ old domain names with Google PR2 for $15-$20.


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