Mafia Traffic – In-Depth Review Of Mafia Traffic

Mafia Traffic is the latest product from Jonathan Mizel and it teaches you how to generate dirt cheap traffic. The strategies laid out in Mafia Traffic show you can get targeted traffic for as low as 0.3 cent per click.

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In the past I was experimenting a bit with low cost traffic sources, such as traffic exchanges, popup traffic, Facebook traffic… Unfortunately, the traffic I got was not very responsive, so I gave up after a short while.

mafia traffic strategiesAbout 10 days ago I got a copy of Mafia Traffic and I immediately started testing some of the networks and conversion strategies. To my pleasure, the results so far have been very promising.

So far, I didn’t test any CPA or affiliate promotions with this sort of traffic, I used it exclusively to drive traffic to my squeeze pages and to grow my subscriber list.

After my first test run, I generated over 7000 clicks from an initial investment of $25 and I generated 278 leads – that’s a conversion rate of almost 4%.

Sure, 4% doesn’t sound all too exciting for a lead generation campaign. I know, some people report they have 20%, 30% and even higher conversion rates for their squeeze pages. But, what really interests me is the cost per lead – which was only ~9 cents/signup.

Using a Google PPC campaign you will get a higher conversion rate, but (depending on your niche) you look at a cost of ~$1/signup.

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What else do you get with Mafia Traffic:

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Things I don’t like about Mafia Traffic:

Honestly, I don’t like the name of the product. Mafia Traffic – who comes up with such a name? Also, I don’t like the product sales page. I hate sales pages that show flashy sports cars and expensive villas. This smells like cheap, cheesy, make easy money product and it almost stopped me from buying the course.

And honestly, I only gave it a try because I already bought several products from Jonathan Mizel and he only delivers tremendously useful and high quality products.

As I already mentioned, I’m not sure how this kind of traffic converts into product sales (CPA offers, affiliate products…). The only thing I can say so far is that this is probably the best way to build and grow your list really fast and cheap. I guess, 300 clicks for $1 is pretty much unbeatable.

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