Niche Marketing Ideas – How To Easily Find Profitable Niches With Low Competition

niche marketing strategyAre you looking for some interesting and profitable niche marketing ideas? Then you will like today’s blog post.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to find great topics and niches for a new website. And of course, you don’t want to build a site just on any kind of topic – ideally you want to figure out those niches and subjects that will make you the most money.

And as I know form experience, picking the right niche is absolutely critical for the success of your website. What you want is a niche with buyers, a niche where people are actually willing to spend money. Also, the market you choose shouldn’t be too crowded, otherwise it will be very difficult to make any money (unless you have a lot of time and money to spend on advertising).

Now, the big question is: How do you find all those great niche marketing ideas and topics that will allow you to make money with a minimum amount of effort?

Below are 10 great places that should help you to find brand new and uncrowded niches, niches where people are willing to spend their money, niches with crazy conversion rates…


So, here is my top 10 list for great niche marketing ideas:

1: : Here you can find the best selling products in all kinds of markets. That’s a real goldmine of information, because you can be sure that those products convert and that many people are excited to spend money on those products.
2: : That’s the ebay equivalent of the above site – her as well you can learn what types of products people buy the most.
3: : “How To” keywords are almost always highly profitable buyer keywords. People who are searching for those keywords are almost always willing to spend some money to get their questions answered, to get a solution for their problems… This site allows you to find interesting “How To” topics a large number of people (a big buyer market) are looking for.
4: : Similar to the previous site, this website lists all kinds of things people want to know, to learn, to solve…
5: : Provides a list of the hottest keywords. This keyword list may change every few minutes. Sometimes you can find keywords with a huge search volume, but with almost no competition. If you find one of those keywords, quickly create a webpage (on, blogspot, Facebook Fanpage…), optimize the page for your keyword, build a few backlink and put some ads or an affiliate product on it and if you are lucky you can generate some nice income with a minimum amount of effort.
6: : Similar to the Google Trends we just discussed, however this site goes into much more detail regarding the different current trends.
7: : Her you get a list of the hottest topics on – those are typically the subjects that are most discussed at the moment.
8: : This is a list of things people want to do, to learn, to achieve… If you can provide what people are desperately looking for you will also make some money.
9: : Similar to the previous site – all kinds of things people want to do. There are tons of exciting niche marketing ideas on this site
10: : All kinds of business ideas – some are really excellent, others are a bit crazy. Anyway, this is a great place to find tons of ideas for potentially completely untapped markets.


If you want to take the whole game of finding the most profitable niches a step further, I recommend you take a look at Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is an immensely powerful software tool that not only allows you to easily find tons of profitable niches, but it also allows you to analyze how competitive those niches those niches are and what are the most easy to rank for keywords in those niches.

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If you want, you can share your own niche marketing ideas and niche marketing strategy in the comment section below.


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