Google & Yahoo Rank Checker Tool


This software tool provides a quick and easy way to retrieve the ranking positions for your keywords on Google and Yahoo.

You also have the possibility to organize your keywords into different projects (for different websites) and you can create detailed ranking history reports for all of your projects as well as for individual keywords.

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Google Auto Complete Search Engine


This software tool uses the Google Auto Complete search algorithm and allows you to find tons of new keywords you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Simply provide your general search keywords, click the “Search” button and the tool provides you with up to 6000 related keywords for each search keyword you provided.

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Google PageRank Checker & Url Scraper Tool

Multi purpose Internet marketing tool – scrape thousands of url’s from dofollow blogs, .edu sites, forums, article directories…

Retrieve Google PageRanks for all of those sites within seconds, scan websites for backlinks and/or specific phrases, and tons of other functions.

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