How To Get Top Rankings In Yahoo And Bing

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Come on, is there really an easy way to get thousands of free website visitors? Everyone is complaining how difficult it has become to rank even low-medium competition keywords in the top 5 on Google.

And yes, I agree – it’s definitely not an easy task to get tons of free traffic from Google… But, what about Yahoo & Bing?


You say, you don’t care about the ‘little ones”? – You better should!

As of March 2013 Bing and Yahoo’s search market share is a bit over 30%. 30% of billions of searchers is quite a substantial amount of traffic. But, what’s most interesting: It is still relatively easy to rank in Bing & Yahoo – even for highly competitive keywords.

You can take keywords like: auto insurance quotes, credit debt consolidation, fast payday loans and get them ranked in Bing and Yahoo within 2 months with maybe 20-30 hours of work or less than 5 hours of work if you outsource your backlink generation.

On CPA networks like Neverblue, you get $15 – $80 for those types of keywords for a simple lead generation. If you get a top 5 ranking for any of those keywords, you will still get several thousands of free visitors a month from Yahoo and Bing.

And after some optimization, you could make something around $1500+ from a simple 1-page site that’s optimized for a single keyword on Y&B.


Ok, how do you rank on those search engines?

You do some basic on-page optimization:

Get a domain name with your keyword in it – use hyphens if your desired domain is not available and stick with a .com .org or .net domain

Add your keyword to the meta title tag and the meta description tag

Use your keyword in your headline and 3-5 times in your body copy (don’t exaggerate)

It is also a good idea to  link out to a trusted website like Wikipedia

Link 1-2 of your keywords to your home page (



Use unique content with about 400-600 words

Add a few basic pages like: privacy policy, about us, contact

If you want, you can also add some additional content pages – maybe for some closely related LSI keywords


Off-page optimization:

Build as many links as you can. The links should come from different sources with different class C IP addresses and you should vary your anchor text.

If you don’t want to spend any money on link building services, you can do them manually by building Backlinks via:


The big disadvantage of doing everything manually is that it’s very time consuming. If you automate some of your link building, you can build several sites in parallel.

You get some very cheap link packages (with several thousand Backlinks) on for only $5. Those packages are worthless for Google, but they still work for Bing and Yahoo.

You can also use more professional link building services like SEO Linkvine – that’s definitely the fastest way to get ranked.

Another great way to build your links is to get a tool like Magic Submitter and to generate thousands of links with the click of a button. When I got Magic Submitter, they did a very cheap $5 trial for 1 month, I’m not sure if they are still doing this trial offer. If yes, that’s a fantastic way to get started blasting out thousands of Backlinks without any upfront investment.


Once your site starts to rank (this will take 4-6 week for those competitive; big money keywords), you should optimize your page to maximize your click-through rate to your affiliate / CPA offer.

Start out with your headline and then improve other things, like the first paragraph, the design, graphics and banners you are using, color of your headline, your call to action.

Don’t make your page look like a big commercial and don’t use any hype – be the guy/gal who provides great tips, advice and information and simply provide an interesting offer for your website visitor.


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