Simple Ways To Make Money Online – Learn How To Make Money From Your Website

Sure, everyone is looking for simple ways to make money online, but is there actually an easy way to make money online from home?

To be honest with you, there is no magical push button solution to make money from a website, but there are relatively simple and easy ways to make money online.

I just finished an Internet marketing course called “10 Simple Steps To Make Money Online”, which explains in 10 simple and easy to follow steps how to make money from a website.

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Ok, so what actually is “10 Simple Steps To Make Money Online”?

how to make money from a websiteThis is the exact process I’m using to make money online with simple micro-niche sites. The system covers everything from picking a profitable niche, doing your keyword research, creating your website, optimizing the site for a top 3 ranking on Google, maximizing your affiliate sales conversion rates…

Creating an entire mini site from scratch (including all the content creation and backlink building) takes a total of only 6-10 hours of work – after that, the site basically runs on auto-pilot. For most of the keywords (we are only focusing on low competition keywords), it will take about 3-4 weeks for the various keyword optimized pages to get a top 5 position in Google, free targeted traffic and hopefully lots of affiliate sales.

The entire system can be implemented on a shoestring budget. You only need to spend ~$5 per months for a basic hosting account, which you probably already have. No additional tools, services or products are required to use this system.

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How much money you can make from such a micro-niche site?

As I already mentioned, we are focusing on low competition and easy to rank keywords, so you won’t get tons of traffic and of course you won’t make thousands of dollars a months from those kinds of sites.

Most of those mini sites make me around $100 per month. A few big hitters make ~$400 and occasionally there are also some sites that don’t work very well and that make almost nothing.

But, the beauty of those sites is that they are very easy to build and optimize for the search engines and that the entire site creation, content creation, backlink building… process only takes about 10 hours. In my opinion, everyone can do this and it is simply the best way to make money online.


Here are the biggest advantages of this “make money online” system:


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