WP Syndicator Review – WP Syndicator Bonus

WP Syndicator is a WordPress plugin that fully automates the promotion and backlink generation to your blog posts.

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What exactly can WP Syndicator do for you?

Each time you write a new blog post, WP Syndicator does the following for you:


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Here is what I really like about WP Syndicator:

wpsyndicator review

The plugin is very easy to use and setting up and configuring WP Syndicator takes only a few minutes. Once that’s done, WPSyndicator does all the promotion for your new blog posts fully automatically – you get valuable backlinks without the need to spend any additional time and you can be assured that your new posts get indexed by Google as quickly as possible.

As you can imagine, the WP Syndicator plugin is a huge time saver and it makes your life as Internet marketer just so much easier – especially if you have several blogs.


What are the weaknesses of WP Syndicator?

WP Syndicator takes wonderfully care of basic promotional tasks, but the tool also has its limits. Just using the plugin without any additional promotion (backlink building) won’t allow your site to rank for competitive keywords.

If you are in a competitive market, WP Syndicator will save you some time and it will make things easier – no doubt about that. But, if you want to rank in Google, you will have to build many more backlinks from different sources. Sorry to shatter your dreams, but that’s just how SEO works.

On the other hand, for very low competition keywords, using only WP Syndicator without doing anything else will definitely allow you to get many top rankings and free traffic from Google.


There are lots of boring and time consuming tasks in SEO. I prefer to spend my time setting up new sites, promoting new products… – things that allow me to make money. And I automate whatever I can automate – using tools like WP Syndicator.

I use WPSyndicator on all of my WordPress blogs and I highly recommend it.


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